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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 1, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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no carrier consequences. search ring for survivors. no after major earthquakes in the south pacific and ring no carrier indonesia, they count the ted and look for ring the living. no and bring it home. the first lady tries to convince the no carrier olympic committee chicago is their kind of town. > ring no carrier ring >> i am so no carrier excited, we've ring got a lot of work to do. ri this is the no carrier ring "cbs morning news" for thursday, october 1st 2009. % no carrier ring no carrier captioning funded by cbs no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier good morning and ring thanks for joining us. i'm michelle no c gielan. this is ri a big day for no carrier ring no carrier iran and the world. ring no the topic, iran's nuclear program and the no carrier likelihood > it ring intends to build atomic weapons. iranian representatives arrived to face ring the u.s. and other four permanent ring members of the u.n. security no carri council, plus ring germany. iran has no carrier ignored ring no carrier several security council resolutions ring demanding no carrier no carrier it freeze its nuclear activities about. > >> right now we're ring focused on no carrier
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trying to make diplomacy work and would he see if iranians are prepared to start a process that could ring no carrier lead to them being reintegrated in international ring community of nations or whether they choose a path of isolation. ring no carrier ring they have a choice to make. . >> if iran continues to ignore no carrier orders it ring could face harsh no carrier new economic sanctions. no c another big earthquake struck western no carrier indonesia and the ring tsunami death no c toll rose in the so mow an ring islands. about 150 people are now no carrier confirmed dead in the ring no car samoas followed yesterday's tsunamis no c called > ring no by a for youer pl under seas quake and the number ring no carrier ring killed off the sue matt the take ring is near 5g 00 and likely to rise. let's get the latest from whitt ring johnson in washington. no carrier ring no wlit, good morning. >> reporter: michelle good morning. we've heard horrible stories of no c parents watching their children being washed away out to no carrier sea ring no carrier in so mow a and in in-dough sneeze meez i can't, people are still trapped under no carrier ring buildings and many of the rescue no carrier ring no carrier efforts continue
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be ring hampered. no carrier thousands are feared dead in no carrier indonesia following two ring devastating noearthquake the latest measuring 6.8, happened hate last night are less than 24 hours after a ring no carrier deadly 7.6 ri quake rocked the no cregion. >> there ring no carrier has ring been significant damage. obviously large no numbers dead and injured. >> reporter: no carrier rescuers are > desperately searching for survivor, but many victims are no carri believed to be trapped under the ring rubble. the tremor shook ring so no carrier violently hundreds of ring buildings collapsed. no carrier following the first and ring stronger of the two quakes no carrier residents ran if their ring lives. no carrier terrified of possible tsunamis like the ones that flattened > ring villages in no carrier samoa and american no carrier samoa ring no carrier tuesday. >> a second wave. >> reporter: a you pow ring powerful quake there no carrier triggered a total of four ring no carrier ring tsunamis killing more than 100. this animation gives no carrier an idea of the breath taking scope of the disaster giant > waves moved in so ring quickly, people had only minutes to no car react. help is already on the way for american no car samoa. fema is
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ring working no carri closely with emergency responders ring on the ground and the no coast guard is also ring no carrier ri pitching in. a plane no car stocked with rescue gear left no carrier > sacramento last night. ri >> we're taking two boats, ri we're no carrier taking a lot of initial ring assessment equipment. >> reporter: but local residents are also in need of other no essentials. >> most of these people don't have anything else so our han concern now is ring no carrier water and clothes. and food. >> reporter: no those necessities aren't far away. no carri the hawaii national guard ri loaded up on no carrier relief supplies wednesday ring bringing the first of many aid no carrier shipments the ring no carrier ring region will need. no carrier indonesia and ring samoa are more than 5,000 no carrier miles ring apart. no carrier experts insist the no carrier two seismic events were not ring related. no carrier ring no carrier michelle? >> wlithitt johnson thanks. in copenhagen the push is on to bring the 2016 summer olympic ring games to chicago. no carrier ring no carrier trying to convince the international olympic committee is first lady michelle obama who > isn't shy when it ri comes to
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posting about no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier her ring hometown. no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carri and other cities seeking the 2016 no carrier games include rio ring de no c janeiro, tokyo and rimadrid. president obama will arrive no in ri copenhagen tomorrow hoping to push chicago's bid no carri over the top. turning now ring no carrier no carrier to the > war in afghanistan and president obama's well no publicized ring reassessment no carrier ring of strategy there. top security no carri advisers are split ring on whether to deploy no carri thousands more to take on the taliban. ri they attended a white house skull session yesterday. david no carrier martin ring no carriexplains. >> reporter: the vice president led a parade of top no c advisers to the white house for what could > be one of the most ring important no carrier meetings of the obama ring no car presidency. subject? afghanistan. what should the no carri strategy be and how many ring troops are no carrier needed? it will take more than one meeting to crack that. no carrier ring >> i think no carrier at least three more are already on the no carrier
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working schedule and i assume there will > be more ring after that. >> reporter: general stanley mcchrystal, the american commander who has ring warned the war could be lost without more troop, joined the ring meeting by no carrier video teleconference. his mission is ring complex, but the no c bottom line is simple. no carrier prevent afghanistan from ever again becoming a safe no carrier haven from which no al qaeda could > ring launch another 9/11. the no carnation's top ring counterterrorism feshl told congress al qaeda is on the no carrier ropes. its leadership ring decimated by no car cia drone strikes, but still ri dangerous operating out of safe havens no carrier in pakistan. >> we assess that the al qaeda core is actively no carrier engageded in operational plotting and no car continues recruiting > training and transporting on that no carrier operatives to include ring individuals from western europe and the united no carrier states. >> reporter: in afghanistan ring mcchrystal is fighting al qaeda's ally the no carrier taliban. ring and these maps no carrier ring no carrier charting insurgent violence from ring 2007 to the present clearly show the enemy no carrier is no carri gaining ground. > ring no carrier ring the pentagon is no c rushing over more
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armored vehicles ring to protect no carrier soldiers from roadside bomb, but ring mcchrystal is asking for tens of thousands more troops. the mix meeting with the president is no carrier ring scheduled for next wednesday. david martin no cbs news no carrier > ring the pentagon. just ahead on the "morning news," pulling the no car plug on saturn. we'll have details some ring no carrier "moneywatch." plus pregnant pause. why expectant mothers are hess tatsing when it comes to getsing the h1n1 flu vaccine. ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > pollen. when i really liked to be outside, i did not like suffering from nasal allergy symptoms like congestion. ring no car but nasonex relief may i say...
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ring no carrier and an immune system so stunning... [ low growl ] ring my vet thinks i'm the eighth wonder of the world. no carrier [ female announcer ] introducing iams with prebiotics. ring no carrier ring prebiotics work inside no carrier clinically proven to promote strong defenses. ring no carrier healthy inside... healthy outside. no carrier > ring [ dog ] oh hi girls, nice day, huh? no carrier ring no carrier i am an iams dog. ring no [ female announcer ] learn more about prebiotics at ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier china celebrated 60 ring years of no carrier ring no carrier communist rule with an impressive parade this morning. the state run ri media says no carrier the parade included the country's largest ever dismay of no military hardware, more than 100,000 people marched. security was >tight, though to prevent protests and residents were told it stay home and watch no carrier it on ring tv. on the cbs no c "moneywatch," the ring demise of saturn and stocks in no car asia dipped this
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ring no carrier morning. ross palombo is here in new york with more. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. asian stocks no fell this morning. japan's nikkei ring dropped no carrier 154 points on no carrier news that ring manufacturers there still feel they have too many riworkers. on wall street wednesday the dow dropped almost 30 points. the ring nasdaq dipped almost two. no car but the nasdaq has ring no car rallied more than ring 15.5% from july no to august and overall the market just closed on its no best no carrier > ring third quarter in more than a decade and its best september in no carriyears. the nation's ring no carrier ring largest bank is losing its ceo. ken lewis no announced he's ring leaving bank of no caramerica. the company hasn't named a successor yet, but says it will by the time no carrier lewis steps down on december no carrier 31st . banking convenience may be ri coming at a no carrier higher cost. bank says atm no carrier ring no carrier fees for on noncustomers are up more than ring 12% no carrier from last queer to ring no carrier $2.22. that's probably on top of what your bank will no car will will charge no car you. 3/4 of all banks charge their ring
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customers for using a different bank's atm. no carri it was new kind of car ringcompany, but soon it will no carrier be no more. general motors is no shutting down its saturn division ri after a deal no carrier ring no carrier to sell to racing giant no roger > ring penske fell no carrierthrough. ring no carrier penske couldn't find another company to build the carses. and some this no carrier ring recession, it looks like the rich got poorer. the net worth of bill no carrier gates ring here is new i ormamaf&-ut h1n1 that could save your life. a cdc no carrier study found ring nearly 1/3 of
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the people who tied of the no carrier virus also had bacterial no carrier > riinfections. this includeses no carrier infection that causes strep ri throat. a cdc no carrier doctor says if ring you're getting a flu shot no carri ask about a strep throat@uú fvuvvvh@h@á@"#)á@u@@@u@u@8@8@'!(ri )-@v@@@u@dg@@u@8@8@v@v@@@u@u@8@8ú ú $f@@u $@@@ v@vp@hwi&a @ aúú&úle thi u@c@v@v@@ '@áh.@+&-@vp@h'@"'f thefirst+p@8-+po car $ )-@& doses i a "+@up-+@u@8p $@c-@v@+p-ã&@-pupposed t@ g o++po carrier-& pregnant women+&-phomakeup a+p-+p+po c& +arrier-+p-+ping-&disproportionate &@v-@hp@j@aer of+@@u@u@8@8-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-& h1n1 fatal i its.&-put+po carri& not+er-& all+p-& pregnant+ping-+p-+& women want+po c& &-phe+arrier-& +&vaccine.+&-pr.jennifer+p-+ping-+& ashton+p-+p& has+no carrier& +-+p-&more.+pi&-p> reporter:+ng-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+& erin mahoney is &-pregnant and p she's+p-& +&lucky ++po car& not+& +rier-&-prave, to be+p-& roughly one of the++p+& +po car&-p00pregnant+rier-& women aroundthe &-pountry+p-+p& testing+ri& the+ng-& new++p-+po carrier-+& flu+p-+ping& &-paccine.&-p> i saw+-& no reason+& to be nervous+p-&-pbout+po car& getting the+rier-+p-& vaccine+ping-+p& +-+po&now.+ carrier-&-p> reporter: but manyare nefb+p-+& &-ps about+p& whether+ring-+p-& this new++p& &-paccineproducedand+no carrier-& tested+p-+p& so+ring-+p-+po carrier-& &-puickly is+p& really+& +-+pi&safe.+ng-+p&-pnly+-+& one+po carrier-+p& in+-+p+po carrier& six+-+& pregnant+p-+& women &-pven get+ping& a regular flu +-&shot.++p-+po carrier-+p-&-p>++& it's+ping-+p& a+-+& difficult not+p& to+no carrier-+p-& +ping-&-prack.&-phepregnantpopulationis++p-+& +po car&-pesistant.&-p> reporter: the clinicaltrials+rier-&-pave+&
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found no+& safety+p-+pi& problemsso+ng-&-par.+p&-ptill, when+-+po car& the+& vaccine+rier-+& is given&-po+p-+ping-+p-& +&millions,+p& the+no carrier-+& government+p& &-poesn't want people to jump+-+ping& to+-+p-& &-ponclusionsabout any+po carrier-+p-+p+po carrier-& &-pomplications that++p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+& mayo occur.&-pome 2400+p-+& miscarriages+ping-+& occur+p& &-pveryday,+-+p& so+no car& health+rier-+& officials+p-+& &-paution+ping-+& people+p& should notassume+&-phey werecaused+-+po carrier-+p& by+& the+-+ping-+& +p-&vaccine.+&-p> somemedical+po car& events will+rier-& &-pappen in the+p-& days++ping-& following the++p-+po carrier-+p-+p+&-paccination.+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-&-phe question is are they +po car&-pelated.&-p> reporter: the+rier& american&-pollege+& of+-& ++p-+&obgny+&s+p& is+ring-+p-+po carrier-& pushing &-pard for++p-+p& doctors+ring-& to++p-+po carri& vaccinate &-pheir patient +er-+p-& saying any+ping-& &-possible risk from the+& vaccine &-ps less than the arriving+p& from+-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-& &-phe+p& virus.+no carrier-+p-+ping-+&-pngie died this+& weekthis+p-+& &-pissouri just+po carrier-& after giving+p& &-pirth.&-p> the+-+& largest+p+po carrier-& number of+p-+ping& deaths+-& &-ps in the++p-+& pregnant+po&women.+ carrier-+p&-phebaby's future+-+ping-+p& depends+& on on+-& &-phe life of++po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po car& a healthy mother.&-p> reporter: an added+rier-+p-+p& +ring-&benefit, a+&-pregnant woman+p-+po carrier-+p-& vaccinated+ping& &-passeses along+-& the protectionto+p-+po c&-per+arrier-&newborn.+p-&-pr.jennifer+& +ping-&ashton,++p& cbs news, &-pew york.&-p>>straight+&ahead +& your+-& &-phursday morning weather.&-pndin+&sports,+& the+po carrier-+p-+& phillies+&
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win+& &-phe chance to+p+p& go+no carrier-+p-& for a repeat as&-paseball's world champs.+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-++po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+p+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+p+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-++po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+p+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-+po carrier-+p-+ping-+p-/++p .v#7 7 /+no carrier . [ researcher ] if you're using the leading sensitivity toothpaste no carrier > ring you may be missing some of the protection you need no carrier ring for a healthy mouth. with crest pro-health toothpastes, ring you don't need to make that trade-off. [ female announcer ] crest pro-health is the first and only toothpaste no carrier ring no carrier that protects against sensitivity and all these areas dentists check most. no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring ♪ ♪ no carrier [ researcher ] sensitivity protection and more, ring no carrier ring for a healthy mouth.
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national forecast. the latest no car satellite picture shows it's ring a storm any morning across the ring no carrier midwest and rockies. no carrier > ring no carri clouds are beginning to build over texas and it's gray and which i will hely across the northeast. thunderstorms are likely from texas to the midwest as temperatures begin to tumble. no carri a cold rain will soak the upper ring midwest. more snow no carrier across the northern ring rockies. while most of the east stays dry. no carrier ring in no carrier sports the philadelphia ring phillies are no carrier officially in to no carrier repeat as world champions. ri so you can't no carri blame ring no carrier ring the no carrier fanatic forgetting a little carried ring away. the phils were no carri already winning ring 8-3 no carrier in ring no carrier no carrier > ring the seventh no carrier ring no carrier there was a ring two run no c homer. philadelphia is again tops in the ring national league no east. in denver, the rockies used the long ball to edge no carri closer to the ring no carrier no carrier > ring nl no carrier wild card. ring no carrier there were two ring no carrier two-run homers no carrier
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ring and another one later as denver beat the brewers 10-6. in the american no carrier ring league detroit's no ramon santiago hit a two run single in the second and the no carrier tigers never ring no carrier ring looked no carriback. a bases loaded double in the fifth ring finished the job as the no carri tigers beat the twins 7 dfsh 2. detroit could climpg the al central with a win today. no carrier ring no carrier ring and in no carrier boston, the red sox no carrier started just two > ring regulars and no c handed ring no carrier toronto a ring no carrier ring 12-0 laugher, the fifth straight loss if the sox, but no carrier ring they're already in the playoffs as the after the l wild card. when we return another look ri at this morning's top stories. and no c olympic hopeful. chicago no carrier puts its best foot pord in its fight to host the summer games. ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier > ring no carrier ring
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no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring
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no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring on the no carrier "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. thunderstorms will will be developing aks no carri cross the > ring midsection of the no carrier nation. ring a chilly wind swept rain no c soaking
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the upper midwest an it will be cold and ring snowy no c across the northern rockies. ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier the search for survives and the dead goes on on in the samoa no carrier islands. hit by major no carrier tsunamis and in western indonesia where it's feared thousands were > ri killed by yesterday's no carrier powerful noearthquake. and in ringgeneva iran faces off depends the u.s. and the ri u.n. security council over its no carrier refusal to freeze its ring nuclear program. no carri a big decision is coming for the ring windy city. chicago finds out tomorrow if no carri it it will host the 2016 summer no carrier > olympics. president obama fly it is to ring no carri copenhagen to support chicago's bid, but back in chicago, the games may be a tough sell. ring here's no carrier ri dean reynolds. >> reporter: with nearly 3 million recent department chicago is a bustling, big no carrier ring shouldered city where its felt the summer no carrier olympics would be right at no chome. >> we have an opportunity to really showcase chicago. no carrier
4:50 am
we know ring we can deliver a no carrier ring spectacular ring olympic no carrier and pair ring no carrier paralympic games. >> reporter: chicago has a lot going for ring it. the no carrier no carrier president of the united states is its chief > ring cheerleader. no car lake mitch is its breast taking backdrop. and many olympic venues here are already built. no wonder boosters argue that the no carrier games and chicago will be good ring for each other. >> we're talking about creating job, ring we're talking about all no sorts of opportunities ring no carrier for local residents. now is exactly the time to want it on do something like this. >> reporter: chicago understandbly is > showing its best side to the international olympic committee, but ring there are other less attractive points no to be ring made no carrier ring about this town. no carri chicago has a chronic problem ring with violence. no carrier especially teen ring violence. and while its murder no c rate is no carrier > ring no carrier ring still no carrier ring only half of rio de janeiro's, it is well ahead of madrid or tokyo the other olympic ring competitors. 34 public school students were ring murdered here no in the last school
4:51 am
year. four ring have been killed this month and just last week came this beating death of a > ring 16-year-old honor student on the south side. murdered no carrier apparently ring no carrier because he refused to join a gang. >> our president and our mayor no carrier and our ring governor is over no carrier in copenhagen when no carrier > right here we got savagery going on no carri streets of chicago. >> reporter: ri critics ask how chicago can even begin to think ring about hosting no carrier a ring no carri$4.8 billion event when it's currently ring running a no carri$300 million deficit and has had to close down city hall for a day just no carrier to save money. they question the city's no carrier > priorities. >> the state and the city were able to find money for the no olympic, but when came to actual basic ring services to make people's no carrier ring lives better no carri there's mog to be found. >> reporter: others are ring skeptical about a plan to privately finance the ring games which could always get more expensive as many ring projects around here seem to do. no car >> no carrier throw in the chicago way, which says something between no carrier
4:52 am
cost ring no carrier ring no car overruns, corruption, political connections, and you're just asking for trouble. >> reporter: still, los angeles, atlanta and salt lake city all staged successful ring games that made money and no carrier ring no carrier benefited no carrier > their community. those who would bring the no carrier ring olympic games here believe chicago can do at ring least as no carri well. dean reynolds ring cbs news chicago. and for the first time since the ring miracle on no carrier the ring hudson no carrier captain no carrier chesley sullenberger is returning it > to the ring skies. no carrier ring no carrier he's set to pie will the a us airways ring jet from no morning to charlotte this afternoon. it was the same route he was flying ri when he no carrier had to ring glide his plane into the no carrier ring no carrier hudson river after geese knocked out the no skrins. you're watching the cbs mrng news oig. > ri of all the things made for women... maybe one of the most important... is new centrum silver ultra women's. no carrier a complete multivitamin for women over 50. ring no carrier it has vitamin d which emerging science suggests... ring no carrier ring supports breast health... and more calcium for bone health. no carrier ring new centrum silver ultra women's. no carrier ring
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>> take a look at first warning doppler radar. we have a clear scan out there right now. you have to widen way out there on the jersey shore. clear skies today. temperatures moving into the upper 60s. don. in the news this morning, the texting ban. maryland joins other states in banning that practice while driving. a look at the new rules of the road. good morning. i'm reporting in front of union memorial hospital. hundreds of people are showing up here with flu-like symptoms. now a second case in baltimore city schools. we will explain what you need to know if you or your child gets sick. and rattled again. a second earthquake strikes indonesia. why this one could prove to be even more destructive. more news and first warning weather and the first traffic report of the morning in a couple of minutes.
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good morning. it will be 5:00 in 15 seconds. welcome to the 1st day of october. sharon will have the traffic after marty's first warning weather. >> look at this graphic out in western maryland. we have a bit of a frost advisory in effect. there are no freeze warnings, but the fact those words appear on the graphic -- welcome to


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